Packing Benches

ACTIWORK packaging solutions are used in industries such as electronics, health care, pharmaceutical fine mechanics, luxury, aviation, nanotech, military and clean room based technology as well as third party logistics centres.

New requirement in dispatch areas

For many years the packaging area was compromised of a standard bench or table with storage for packaging material.
This trend has changed drastically during the last few years as packaging areas are taking on additional processes including; light assembly, test, re-packaging, custom labelling, shipping and quality control. Reporting, traceability, and information sharing have become part of most pack and ship processes. This demand for information creates new technology demands, as well as a organised, productive packaging environment.

Professional Series

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Customised Solutions

No two customers have the same requirements. We customise our products and solutions to suit your business.

Ergonomics in Action

ACTIWORK Workplaces are designed to bring the human factor into your workspace.

Aussie Made & Supported

ACTIWORK not only supports the concept of Australian Made, but we use it wherever possible.

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