Shift Lockers & Crew Lockers

Inside shift locker
This Extreme Duty Cabinet is used to store each shift specialised tools and equipment with order and security. Coloured decals for shift recognition. Features include:
  • 5 large shelves
  • 1 small shelf
  • 40 hanging positions
  • 58 tool holders
  • 3000Kg capacity
ALK1392 W=1303mm, D=927mm, H=2208mm
This Locker Houses and protects the tools and belongs of each individual crew member, middle heavy duty shelf offers a workbench and the upper shelf is designed for storing large manuals, the wheel about tool cabinet rolls in to the open bottomed unit for storage, doors offer tools or personal storage. Features include:
  • Manual storage
  • 500 kg Tool Box storage Shelf
  • Hanging Panel
  • Tool Holders
  • Open base for Tool Trolley access
  • Can Holder
  • 2000Kg capacity
ALK7094 W=770mm, D=948mm, H=2016mm
Shift locker