Layout Planning

Transforming Spaces,
Maximizing Efficiency

Tailored Space Planning Solutions

Do you know how your new project will play out? What storage and equipment will you keep? How much space will you have? What will hinder the workflow? How will you store all parts? Will you need more storage? Less?

Welcome to our space planning, we specialize in designing cutting-edge workshop and warehouse layouts tailored for the mining industry. Whether you’re building new facilities or upgrading existing ones, our team of seasoned experts is committed to optimizing your space, enhancing productivity, and ensuring seamless operations.

Our Services

Comprehensive Layout Planning

New Facility Design

Investing in new infrastructure? Our team crafts practical and tailored layouts for workshops, stores, and warehouses from the ground up.

What We Focus On:

Space Maximization

Smart design strategies to utilize every square meter, last thing you want is a cluttered new workshop or warehouse.

Future-Proof Solution

Flexible designs that adapt to future expansions and technological advancements.

Overall Efficiency

Will your teams understand the process from the get-go? Have you considered how the process will come together once the structure is finished?

Saving you time

Rather than waiting till the shed is done to sort the fitout, save yourself months by sorting that as the structure is being planned or raised.

Retro-Fitting Existing Spaces

Current system not working properly? Running out of room? Transform your current facilities with our retrofitting services.

We enhance your existing layouts by:

Incorporating Modern Technique

Update old spaces with modern systems and efficient practices.

Equipment Integration

Seamlessly blend new and existing equipment for cohesive operations – Retrofit improvements to current equipment or storage units.

Optimizing Current Layouts

Improve space utilization and workflow without the need for major construction.

Our Process

1 Consultation and Analysis (Site Visit)

  • Understanding your needs and goals

    What works? What doesn’t? Where do you want to be in 5, 10 and 15 years? What is applicable to your Life-of-mine?

  • On-site assessments and measurements

    Our team measures up your space and existing equipment for our full 3D renders.

  • Detailed workflow and space analysis

    Through consultation with management, supervisors and then floor crew, we can understand the issues, the small wins and what direction should work.

2 Design and Planning

  • Creating detailed layout designs

    We brainstorm what we see bringing you the best layout in our mind.

  • Integrating Existing Equipment

    We find space for the systems you want to keep. EG. Existing lockers, machinery, then include this in the 3D report.

  • Providing 3D models and visualizations for clarity

    Zoom or Face-to-face presentations of the layouts helps gain feedback and all changes required to finalise a plan.

3 Implementation and Support

  • Final handover

    Actiwork presents the final plan and schedules for use at our client’s discretion.

  • Ensuring minimal disruption to operations

    Assisting with any changes or issues alone the way.

  • Offering ongoing support and adjustment

    Should something not work, or need changing, we can provide the clear detail

BUT – what is the best part? Should you want to use our systems for your site, we discount the price of the planning and consultation off our products – You receive this, complimentary, all part of our lifetime commitment to our clients.

Why Choose Actiwork

Industry Expertise

With over 20 years of experience in the mining sector, we understand the unique challenges and demands of your industry, all the way down to specific departments. Our solutions are tailored to meet these specific needs, ensuring practical, sensible and effective outcomes.

Custom Solutions

No two projects are the same, no site mirrors another. We take the time to understand your specific requirements and design custom layouts that align with your operational goals and constraints.

End-to-End Support

From initial consultation, feedback through to final implementation, our team provides comprehensive support throughout every stage of your project. We’re committed to your success and satisfaction.

Need layout solutions for your workshop? Talk to our experts.

Client Success Stories

Actiwork transformed our outdated Stores into a functional and effective facility. The attention to detail and willingness to implement our existing equipment and storage was impressive.

Nick, Maintenance Manager.

Actiwork planed our new CHPP maintenance shed, very happy with both the consulting, but also the quality of product delivered. Their team understood our needs and processes, also the implementation of feedback was commendable.

Allen, Infrastructure Superintendent.


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