Actiwork’s Industries page showcases our ergonomic solutions across various sectors. Discover how we drive efficiency in each unique workspace.


Actiwork supports the education of the oncoming generations through the provision of quality training tool storage and working solutions, from Customised workstations and demonstration benches, through to custom Oxy-cutting Tafe Benches – Actiwork helps. With a quality product and a lifetime guarantee, our education clients can rest easy knowing they



For the last 15 years Actiwork has supported the growth of the Australian defence forces with assistance in providing premium storage and workshop solutions to assist with the day-to-day operations.


Actiwork has been designing and manufacturing the highest quality and longest lasting workshop equipment for mines Australia wide. Born out of the NSW Hunter Valleys coal seam, Actiwork services Underground and above ground workshops from the Tasmanian High-country Tin deposits, through to the iron ore in the Pilbara.
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Heavy Industry and Manufacturing

With an increased percentage of businesses taking their Manufacturing offshore, the efficiency of Australian-made companies has become ever more crucial.