Our heavy duty workshop benches are designed to meet a wide variety of situations and manufactured to withstand the toughest conditions.


Industrial Workbenches

For over 15 years, Actiwork has been providing premium workshop benches that have helped our clients increase their productivity and keep their workspaces tidy and secure.

We’re Australia’s leading workbench supplier to a wide variety of industries, from mining, manufacturing, factories, military and commercial workshops where high-quality industrial workbenches are required.

We offer a wide range of ultra high-quality products, such as our electronic workbenches, workbenches and cabinets units, industrial workbenches with drawers and mobile workbench solutions.

Our workbenches meet all the requirements of a modern workplace. They are sturdy, modular, flexible with interchangeable accessories and optional extras that can be added to make your workbench your own.

Looking for a custom workbench? If you need benches engineered to suit specific requirements, or a specific size or material, we can help with a custom workbench and cabinets.

All of our heavy duty workbenches come with an Actiwork Lifetime Warranty, guaranteeing superior quality, workmanship and quality materials, because we believe that our clients deserve the highest quality.

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