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Workshop Tool Storage

Our heavy duty workshop benches are designed to meet a wide variety of situations and manufactured to withstand the toughest conditions.

Workshop Tool Storage

High Density Tool Storage Solutions

Thanks to our high density workshop tool storage systems, your workshop is tidy, safe and productive.

At Actiwork, we’ve been designing, manufacturing and supplying workshop tool storage cabinets and small parts storage for over 15 years. And our solutions have helped numerous businesses increase their efficiency and productivity by up to 50%.

Ideal for the industrial workshop, our heavy duty tool storage solutions are long-lasting, quick to install and secure.

All of our workshop parts storage systems are fully customisable, so you can easily integrate them into any working environment. Do you require a specific height, length or drawer quantity for your workshop tool cabinet? Do you need a wall mounted or mobile storage? Actiwork is here to keep your job site practical, tidy and safe.

If you never want to lose a tool or part and want to get a quick return on investment, you’re in the right place. Browse our Workshop Tool Storage Range or contact us for a custom-made solution or bulk order today.

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