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Workshop Tool Storage

Our heavy duty workshop benches are designed to meet a wide variety of situations and manufactured to withstand the toughest conditions.

A Better Environment for Workshop Tool Storage

Even though it might not be the most important thing in the busy environment of a workshop, manufacturing and mining site, improper tool storage can have some very painful outcomes. We’ll explore the potential drawbacks of ignoring tool storage and how it may simultaneously impact your productivity, safety, and financial situation.

The Dangers of Clutter

Ineffective tool storage creates clutter, which brings with it a number of dangers. Inadequately stored tools that are dispersed around work areas can cause trips, falls, and slides. Poorly stored tools represent a great risk to safety. Sharp instruments, left with their edges unprotected, can cause accidents very easily. The leads and extension cords of power tools are another great danger. When left out, you can easily create tripping hazards. The cost of replacing tools that are lost or damaged from lack of proper storage adds up over time, chipping away at profits and chewing through budgets. Incorrectly storing tools can drastically affect the lifespan of a variety of expensive equipment.

There are some typical mistakes that companies make when storing tools in a workshop that can have an impact on productivity, safety, and efficiency. Poor organisation of tools and materials is a major reason many workshops do not function optimally. In many shops, there is no specific plan for where tools are stored or made available for use. Instead, tools are left haphazardly on shelves or tool cabinets. 

Another error is selecting the wrong type of storage. Perhaps the workshop settles on an unsuitable storage system that wasn’t originally intended for tools, like generic shelving or bins. These options could be lacking in durability, security or ability to be customised to a tool’s needs. This leads to an increase in tool damage or loss, expensive tool replacement and downtime. Neglecting regular maintenance and cleaning of spaces for tool storage is another common mistake. Namely, a workshop may fail to clean regularly and maintain the order of storage spaces. This can lead to accumulation of debris and hazards that have been known to harm both tools through dust accumulation and by causing mishandling or neglect.

Outsourcing your Workshop Layout Design to Actiwork Example

Our Products

The Actiwork Solution

While all high-quality, purpose-built tool storage solutions may require some internal adjustments, it is also a more cost-effective investment given the protection it provides to tools, reductions in tool loss and downtime. When it comes to providing quality tool storage solutions. Actiwork should be your first port of call.

With more than 15 years of experience in the market, Actiwork specialises in the supply, manufacture and design of workshop tool storage cabinets. We provide heavy-duty storage systems to suit any type of industrial workshop, specialising in design solutions for managing the tools within a workshop to maximise workspace organisation, safety and productivity. 

We offer durability, fast installation and maximum security. Actiwork’s tool storage cabinets and workshop solutions feature both custom and standard ranges with the ability to manufacture bespoke storage solutions for precise workshop requirements.

Actiwork’s high-density tool storage options bring a multitude of benefits to workshops, adding to their tidiness, safety and productivity. Actiwork’s workshop tool storage improves productivity, by providing order and optimum efficiency in all environments, minimising the probability of accidents and injuries by keeping all tools out of the way when unused and out of the path of danger, in general.

Within that 15 years of industry experience, we are proud to share that Actiworks’ tool storage solutions helped businesses improve efficiency and productivity by up to 50%. Regardless of the requirements of your particular professional situation, Actiwork tool storage solutions address the key challenges for workshop organisation, incorporating all elements of cutting-edge workshop design. We provide effective tool storage, reducing average downtime from tool searches and streamline the organisational elements of the workshop, improving work flows and resource utilisation. The resulting benefit is a significant increase in efficiency, transforming into a significant boost in productivity across all departments and sectors. 

Drawer Cabinet

Our Range

Actiwork offers a comprehensive range of workshop tool storage solutions designed to meet the high standards of durability, security, and productivity demanded by industrial workplaces. 

Actiwork’s workshop tool storage solutions cater to the unique needs of industrial workshops of all sizes. Our products help workshop owners organise their spaces, ensure workplace safety, and boost productivity and efficiency. Thanks to the modular features of our storage solutions, Actiwork workshops can be customised to meet the specific needs of every workshop owner.

CB Series Main Industrial Cabinets

Our CB Series Drawer Cabinets are meticulously crafted to address the diverse storage needs of industrial and commercial environments. These cabinets, available in various heights (800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm) with dimensions of 560mmW x 725mmD, provide robust and versatile storage options. The CB Series ensures that tools, parts, and equipment are securely stored and easily accessible, enhancing workplace efficiency and organisation.

ALK7094 Crew Locker

The ACTIWORK ALK7094 Crew Locker offers reliable personal storage for shops with multiple workers, each with their own secure spot for garments and tools. This locker features a heavy-duty middle shelf with a 500 kg weight capacity, reinforced doors with square hole panels for hooks and accessories, and an open base for convenient tool trolley access. The locker can also be paired with the ACTIWORK CR7075 mobile drawer cabinet, which fits neatly into the open base. 

Dimensions: 1540mmW x 948mmD x 2016mmH.


The ACTIWORK ALK1392 Tool Locker is designed for the extreme-duty storage of specialised heavy tools and equipment. With a 3000kg capacity, it features five large shelves, one small shelf, 40 hanging positions, and 58 tool holders. Coloured decals on the doors can be used for shift recognition, making it ideal for organised and efficient tool management. 

Dimensions: 1303mmW x 927mmD x 2208mmH.


High Density Tool Storage Solutions

Thanks to our high density workshop tool storage systems, your workshop is tidy, safe and productive.

At Actiwork, we’ve been designing, manufacturing and supplying workshop tool storage cabinets and small parts storage for over 15 years. And our solutions have helped numerous businesses increase their efficiency and productivity by up to 50%.

Ideal for the industrial workshop, our heavy duty tool storage solutions are long-lasting, quick to install and secure.

All of our workshop parts storage systems are fully customisable, so you can easily integrate them into any working environment. Do you require a specific height, length or drawer quantity for your workshop tool cabinet? Do you need a wall mounted or mobile storage? Actiwork is here to keep your job site practical, tidy and safe.

If you never want to lose a tool or part and want to get a quick return on investment, you’re in the right place. Browse our Workshop Tool Storage Range or contact us for a custom-made solution or bulk order today.

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Workshop Audits

Through a blend of quality design and industry expertise, Actiwork conducts comprehensive assessments of workshops, scrutinising every aspect of workshop functionality, from safety protocols to equipment maintenance. Our workshop audits are tailored to the specific needs of each client, offering actionable insights and recommendations for improvement and the construction skills to provide you with an optimised new workshop.

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