Cantilever Shelving

Call Actiwork for Pallet Racking, Long Span Racking and Cantilever Shelving. Competitive, easy to assemble, fast construction, and large height are some of its many features.

Cantilever Shelving


Cantilever Shelving

The Cantilever shelving system is the perfect solution for the housing length developed goods, such as bars, pipes, wood and sheet panels. It is composed by four elements: columns, shelves, bases, and crossbars.The Cantilever system can be used one-sided or double-sided, height up to 8m (further height possible up to 12m). The structure can be painted or galvanised.

Features Include:

  • Easy assembly
  • Large range of heights
  • Fast construction
  • Strongly competitive
These are some of the qualities of this product. The experience built up through these years make the Cantilever a multitasking tool, suitable to many work sectors, since it can be provided with accessories such as drum-holders, corrugated sheet, coils supports, section-breakers, covering in galvanised sheets. The structure is made of steel, and its dimensions are calculated according to the rules and provided with a declaration of conformity.See more products below.

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