Mining Lockers

Inside shift locker


The ACTIWORK range of Mining Lockers are designed, engineered and manufactured by Actiwork Australia. Both the ALK1392 and ALK7094 are made to withstand the harshest conditions

  • Construction
  • Locking Mechanism
  • Lockers are manufactured from heavy sheet steel
  • All steel parts are zinc coated and have a rust-resistant powder coat finish
  • Lockers can be configured in either single or double tier configurations
  • Fully Welded inner and outer frame for strength and stability
  • Reinforced doors, flow through ventilation, hanging rails, heavy duty adjustable height feet and super heavy duty hinges

Lockers are built standard with a pad lockable handle, other locks are available such as padlock compatible locks, Keyless Digital locks.

ALK7094 Crew Locker

Shift locker

The ACTIWORK  ALK7094 Crew Locker protects the tools and belongings of individual crew members. The middle heavy duty shelf offers a 500kg weight capacity, suited to the safe storage of tools and toolboxes. The reinforced doors feature square hole panel for hooks and other accessories to expand on tool storage capability. This Locker can also be optioned with the ACTIWORK CR7075 mobile drawer cabinet, for access to tools that are needed on hand. This unit conveniently wheels into the open base of the locker.

Features include:

  • Workshop Manual storage
  • 500 kg Tool Box storage Shelf
  • Hanging Panel
  • Tool Holders
  • Open base for Tool Trolley access
  • Can Holder
  • 2000Kg capacity

Dimensions: 1540mm W x 948mm D x 2016mm H

ALK1392 Tool Locker

Inside shift locker

The ACTIWORK ALK1392 Extreme Duty Cabinet is designed and manufactured for  storage of specialised heavy tools and equipment. Coloured decals to the top of the doors available for shift recognition.  

Features include:

  • 5 large shelves
  • 1 small shelf
  • 40 hanging positions
  • 58 tool holders
  • 3000Kg capacity

Dimensions: 1303mm W x 927mm D x 2208mm H

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