Industrial Workbench

Actiwork provides heavy-duty industrial workbenches with drawers that offer durable and versatile workstations for commercial and industrial environments.

Industrial Workbench


Heavy Duty Industrial Work Benches

Discover unparalleled durability and innovation with Actiwork’s range of industrial work benches. Crafted by experts to withstand the rigours of heavy-duty industrial environments, our workbenches are designed to enhance workplace efficiency, organisation and productivity.

Choose from our standard range of industrial work bench designs or opt for fit-for-purpose customisation to meet specific work bench requirements.

Your Vision, Delivered.

Actiwork differentiates itself by providing custom industrial work bench solutions where others cannot. We go beyond the limitations of standard workbench options into a realm of new possibilities that can be customised to elevate workplaces to higher levels of productivity.

From initial consultation to final installation, Actiwork manages the entire process of providing customised industrial work benches with meticulous attention to detail. Our team ensures that every aspect of your industrial bench solution is optimised for your business needs and workflow.

Actiwork’s Industrial Work Bench Range


With a focus on human-centred usability, all modular work benches is designed for ergonomics and workplace efficiencies – having gone through rigorous testing, trial, error and refinement.

Actiwork work benches are constructed from either heavy-duty mild steel, aluminium or galvanised steel depending on your preference, then finished with optional rust-resistant powder coating, and complete with work bench tops of your choice including, Laminated Hardwood, Urphen, Anti-Static Laminate, Heavy Duty Steel, Galvanised Steel, Stainless Steel, or Stainless Steel ‘Wet Edge’.

Many of our workbench units have features such as drawers with 150kg capacity, cabinets, caster wheels for mobile workbench flexibility, shelving or complete as a combo cabinet work bench unit.

Custom Work Bench Accessories


Customise your workbench with optional extras including shelves, drawers, cabinets, LED lighting, backing panels, lockable tool holders, uprights, support and guide kits, guides, sliding hook kits, power ducts, pneumatic racks, electrical kits, computer monitor arms, drawers and cabinets, workbench mounting boards, heavy-duty work bench hooks, bench vices, sink units, waste bin cutouts, compressed air outlets, and more.

Actiwork offers everything you need to tailor your workbench to your specifications and benefit from a more flexible workspace.

Additional Information

Heavy Duty Mining Work Benches

Our heavy-duty workbenches for mining operations are engineered to meet strict compliance and safety demands of the mining workshops in accordance with Australian Standards. From coal to iron ore, petroleum and mineral operations, every workbench is built for rugged durability and equipped with specialised features, to ensure optimal performance even in the harshest of environments. 

At Actiwork, we understand the importance of reliable equipment in critical industries such as defence, heavy equipment, manufacturing, heavy industries, and mining. 

With sturdy construction and a range of customisable options, our industrial workshop benches provide the perfect solution for any workshop setting.

Actiwork prioritises several key principles of design when creating industrial benches, ensuring they meet the diverse needs of users across various industries. These principles are aimed at enhancing usability, ergonomics, and overall user satisfaction.

Heavy Duty Design: Made in Australia for heavy industrial use, Actiwork workbenches boast superior quality, strength, structural integrity and durability. So tough, we offer a lifetime warranty on all of our products.
Appealing Design for All Users: Actiwork understands the importance of creating industrial workbenches with a design that appeals to all users. By considering factors such as aesthetics, colour scheme, and overall visual appeal, Actiwork ensures that our industrial workbenches are not only functional but also visually inviting to users.

Flexibility in Use: One of the core principles of Actiwork’s design philosophy is flexibility. Actiwork industrial workbenches are designed to accommodate a wide range of tasks and applications. Whether users need to perform assembly, repair, or testing, Actiwork industrial workbenches can be easily adapted to meet diverse requirements.

Simple and Intuitive Use: Actiwork prioritises simplicity and intuitiveness in the design of our workbenches. They strive to create workbenches that are easy to use, with clear labelling, straightforward controls, and minimal complexity. This ensures that users can quickly familiarise themselves with the industrial workbench and operate it efficiently without the need for extensive training.

Low Physical Effort: Ergonomics is a key consideration in Actiwork’s design process. Our industrial benches are designed to minimise physical strain and discomfort for users. Features such as adjustable height, ergonomic seating options, and easy-to-reach controls help reduce fatigue and promote user comfort during prolonged use.

Minimise Sustained Physical Effort: Actiwork aims to minimise sustained physical effort through intelligent design and layout of industrial workbenches. Our experts work with you to  incorporate custom features such as ergonomic seating, adjustable work surfaces, and efficient tool storage solutions to improve productivity and reduce the need for repetitive motions and minimise strain on the user’s body. 

Size and Space Optimisation: Actiwork pays close attention to the size and space requirements of our industrial workbenches to ensure optimal usability. Industrial workbenches are designed with ample space for approach and use, allowing users to move around freely and access tools and equipment without obstruction. We can customise workbenches to any shape or size!

Clear Line of Sight: Actiwork workbenches are designed to provide a clear line of sight to important elements for both seated and standing users. This ensures that users can easily see and access essential workbench activity without straining or adjusting their position.

Comfortable Reach: Actiwork industrial workbenches are designed to provide comfortable reach to tools or components for both seated and standing users. This is achieved through thoughtful placement of controls, workbench drawers, workbench cabinets and equipment within easy reach, minimising the need for stretching or bending during use.

By adhering to these principles of design, Actiwork creates industrial workbenches that not only meet the functional requirements of users but also prioritise usability, ergonomics, and user satisfaction.

Australian-Made Industrial Work Benches 

As advocates of Australian manufacturing, Actiwork proudly uses locally sourced materials wherever possible in the production of our industrial work benches. By choosing Actiwork, you support the Australian economy.

Customised Industrial Work Bench Solutions

No two businesses are alike, which is why Actiwork offers fully customisable industrial work bench solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

The Workplace Experts in Industrial Bench Solutions

With our extensive experience as a leading manufacturer and importer of industrial workstations, Actiwork is your trusted partner for industrial bench solutions.

Safety-First Approach to Industrial Work Benches

At Actiwork, safety and compliance is paramount. We adhere to strict safety standards in the manufacturing of our industrial work benches and prioritise creating incident-free work environments.

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