Advantages of High-Quality CNC Tooling Storage

Explore the Benefits that High Quality CNC Tooling Storage bring to your Industry.

CNC tooling represents an essential part of the Australian Heavy industry, as they allow for the creation of accurate parts to be used in the equipment. This includes sprockets, gears, and other items that are crucial for the perfect operation of machines.

Considering the importance of these tools, the last thing you want is to leave them around in random areas of your manufacturing space. This is why we will discuss the importance of CNC tooling storage, so you understand why it’s necessary for your manufacturing business.

Why CNC Tooling Storage Is Beneficial for Heavy Industries

There are several reasons why CNC tooling storage can be beneficial for heavy industries and Australian manufacturing. This may include the following:

1.      Efficiency Increase

CNC tools often need to be customized for each project that must be addressed. Whether you have to change smaller or larger pieces, not knowing where they are can lead to a delay in the project. When the parts are misplaced, the workers have to use other alternatives, which may or may not be very good for the final project.

By opting for the right CNC tooling storage, everything will be more organised, which will eventually lead to more efficiency. Finding and using the tools will become an instinctive activity when each piece has its assigned space. Your workers will no longer waste time looking for tools, as the organised area will streamline the process. Moreover, as the tools will already be installed on their trolleys, moving them around when needed will be much easier.

Efficient storage can also offer you enough space to create as many spare parts as you need. This way, you may create multiple pieces at a time and store them in lockers or cupboards until they are needed. This will speed up the working process, as you will no longer have to wait for the new items to be created on short notice.

2.     Tool Longevity

Bad storage can significantly reduce the longevity of your tools. The heavy industry brings a rough environment, and CNC tools are fairly sensitive to external damage. It takes only one unfortunate imbalance incident from your team to ruin a good tool. For instance, if the employees are continuously bumping into or pushing the machine around, then its life expectancy will be significantly lower.

Not storing your CNC tools properly can also make them collect rust, dust, and grease. Since many of these items have very small parts that can be inconvenienced by the smallest build-up, this can significantly affect their performance. This is especially problematic in heavy industry, where there is dust all over the place.

By opting for the right tooling storage, you protect your CNC machinery from damage while it is on standby. As it will be subjected to no dust or trauma when it’s not used, you’ll be able to save money on maintenance while improving its longevity.

3.     Less Downtime

In the Australian manufacturing industry, every moment is precious. Each time you leave your post for only a mere two or three hours, it can lead to losses worth millions of dollars. Not to mention that most of the machinery or tasks are conducted by entire teams. This means that if one person leaves their post, others may have to leave theirs as well, leading to a stop in production.

With all this at stake, the last thing you want is for your staff to run around the working areas, looking for tools in random places. When there is no assigned storage space for these useful items, they may be anywhere. Not to mention that once your employees find them, they eventually need a proper place to store them. Depending on how well-organised your manufacturing establishment is, it may take some time until they can clear a space or workbench.

To reduce the downtime, a good method would be to use assigned tooling storage for each piece of machinery. By installing the tools in suitable trolleys and placing them in their appropriate lockers or cupboards, your workers will know exactly where to look for them. This will save precious time spent on unnecessary searches.

4.    Less Tool Loss

CNC tools come with multiple small parts that might not always be necessary during the cutting process. Without the proper storage, those attachments may need to be placed in random work areas until further notice. Considering the manufacturing environment can be rather chaotic, losing these pieces can be very easy, especially if you have a larger team on the project.

No matter how small the piece or tool may be, losing it will mean that you have to replace it. Depending on how often this happens, it may create a hole in your budget that could have otherwise been avoided. This can significantly affect your business in the long term, preventing you from progressing as you will be too busy to cover your losses.

By having an assigned place for the tools, the risk of losing them will be much lower. Whenever one of your workers pulls out the tools and the necessary attachments, they will know exactly where to put them back for the next person to use. This can save you a lot of money in the long run, as you won’t spend as much cash replacing the tools and their parts.

How Actiwork Can Help

If you lack storage to properly organise your CNC tooling, then Actiwork has plenty of options for you. From storage shelves to lockers and cupboards of all sizes, you can assign a place for your tools and accessories so that everything is neat and organised.

Aside from the above-mentioned, Actiwork also has compatible trolleys and workbenches, which suit every Australian tooling size, including solutions to suit BT, SK, ISO, HSK and Capto units. This ensures that everything stays in place and that the chances of damage are reduced. Efficiency is also ensured, as your team will have easier means of transporting and working with the CNC tools.

The Bottom Line

The proper storage options can not only protect your CNC tooling from getting damaged or lost but may also improve efficiency by keeping everything organised. This can save money on resources in the long term, allowing you to finish your projects on time.


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