How Custom Can I Go With An Actiwork Workbench?

Read on how you can customise workbench’s to suit your requirements.

Actiwork workbenches offer the highest degree of customisation to meet all specific needs and preferences of users Australia wide. From manufacturing Critical defence weaponry in Adelaide, to inspecting oil filters in the Pilbara, or even repairing healthcare furniture in Melbourne, we can meet any need.

Here’s how you can customize various aspects of an Actiwork workbench:

Size: Actiwork workbenches are proudly Australian made, meaning they can come in any size to accommodate infinitely varied workspace requirements. Customers can typically choose from standard dimensions or request custom sizing to fit their specific workspace dimensions.

Material: Actiwork workbenches are often available in materials such as steel, stainless steel, timber, or a combination of materials. The choice of material depends on factors such as durability, resistance to corrosion, and aesthetic preferences – From Aluminium to Hot-dipped gal, we can suggest materials, or fabricate according to preference.

Design: The design of a workbench varies based on factors such as the intended use, ergonomics, and aesthetic preferences. Customers may have options for features like integrated storage, adjustable height, and specialized work surfaces – Then using our in-house powder-coating facility, our client can pick their colour of choice.

Shape: While the most popular and traditional shape of a workbench is rectangular, some we offer any variations such as L-shaped or U-shaped configurations. The choice of shape may depend on factors such as space constraints and workflow requirements.

Weight Rating: Actiwork workbenches can be customized to accommodate different weight capacities based on the types of tasks and equipment they will be used for. Reinforced construction and additional support may be added to increase weight ratings as needed – All according to Australian standards.

Colour and finish: Customers have options to choose from a range of colours or finishes to match their workplace aesthetics or branding requirements – From Homebush Blue to clear coated hardwood, the choice is yours.

Popular Accessories:

Drawers: Additional drawers can be integrated into the workbench for storing tools, equipment, or other items.

Castors: Castors can be added to provide mobility, allowing the workbench to be easily moved around the workspace – Variations continue, with options of locking, size, and even heigh adjustability.

Tyne Pockets: Due to the weight of a proper Australian workbench, often clients will need to ability to move a workbench with a forklift.

Oil Trays: Integrated oil trays help contain spills and keep the work area clean, even offering pumps to allow automatic removal waste.

Vices: Vices can be attached to the workbench for securing workpieces during machining, assembly, or other tasks – This may be something simple like a fabricated standard vice, or something specific like an offset engineers vice or even a fixed pipe vice.

Tool Boards: Tool boards or pegboards can be added to provide convenient storage and organization for tools and accessories – Workbenches are for working on, so properly designed storage is necessary to remove tools and clutter from your working area.

Customers can often work closely with experienced Actiwork representatives to specify their desired customisations and create a workbench tailored to their exact needs and preferences.


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